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Show heart to dogs and cats in need!

From 21/09 to 22/11
World Animal Day is close. We can show our care for them in various ways, for example by supporting organizations dealing with them.

From Wednesday, September 21st, each of us can help "Kundelek" Shelter in Rzeszów by participating in a fundraiser for animals in need!

Together, let's help dogs and cats that are waiting for a caring home!

It's easy! Buy or bring gifts from the list below and place them in a chest in the passage of our Shopping Centre!

We collect:
  •     dry and wet food for dogs
  •     dry and wet food for cats
  •     paper towels
  •     washing powders of any brands
  •     wet wipes
  •     window, floor and universal liquids
  •     powder-free latex gloves in sizes L and XL.

These are the things that Kundelek Hostel needs the most!

A full list of items needed by the facility can be found on the website of Kundelek Shelter.

The team of the facility makes every effort to ensure that the animals staying in it are provided with the best care. The collected feed will support the shelter's supplies, and cleaning products will allow even better care of the conditions in which the animals are kept.

Municipal Shelter for Homeless Animals "Kundelek" in Rzeszów was established in 2005 and takes care of homeless dogs and cats from Rzeszów and the surrounding area. It conducts educational activities for young people and promotes the adoption of homeless animals.

Let's show that together we can support them!

We invite you to participate in the fundraiser!