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Discover the amazing world of bees!

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We owe pollinating insects not only honey, but also 75% of food on our tables! That is why it is so important to get to know them better and, above all, protect them. How to do it? You will be able to find out during the "Świat pszczół" educational campaign in our Shopping Center.

From  June 18th  to July 2nd , educational charts will appear in the Shopping Centre, thanks to which you will be able to get to know and learn to recognize insects. It will also be an opportunity to learn how to create a bee-friendly place in the home garden or on the balcony. The exhibition will also include works of art made by primary school students from the neighborhood.

Anyone who has not seen what an insect hotel looks like will have the opportunity! Next to the shopping center, insect houses will be located, which live in nearby meadows and other green areas. The houses were made by Occupational Therapy Workshop Przyjaciele z Poznania. Such a house can be made independently and put in the home garden. Detailed instructions can be found in one of the educational videos on the gallery profile on Facebook

Next films will show the life of bees and work of a beekeeper, as well as learn how to design an insect-friendly balcony and garden.

We invite you to take part!
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