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Children's day with your favourite heroes

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June 3rd, 11:00-18:00.

Our Shopping Centre will turn into a great land of fun with the most recognizable heroes of fairy tales and toys.

There will be plenty of attractions for children:

    1.  Have fun with fashion, show your style with BARBIE.
     On a specially prepared fashion carpet, each participant will be able to record their own short video with choreography to the music of Barbie Extra. Before the performance, Barbie animator stylists will prepare a unique, small make-up for each participant, e.g., with coloured hair.
     2. Become a fashion designer with BARBIE.
     A unique zone where everyone will be able to design and then dress a Barbie doll. Little designers will have clothes, dolls and other accessories at their disposal. In addition, each child will be able to play with unique sets from the Barbie collection - motorhomes, cars, houses, planes and many other accessories.  

     Children will be able to embark on a journey with the heroes of the fairy tale while playing with unique sets of tracks, locomotives and carriages.  

     4. MATCHBOX world
     Every young driver will have the opportunity to play with a collection of metal cars and unique themed sets.

     5. HOT WHEEL Rally
     For small racers, we offer a meeting with Hot Wheels cars - great emotions at the stand for building racetracks. Everyone will be able to try out the best cars and take part in creating various types of tracks together: the longest or the most creative.
     6. Balloon madness
     We will invite all children to a real balloon factory.

Children's day with your favourite heroes
June 3, 11:00-18:00
  •      Fashion fun with Barbie
  •      Tom and friends
  •      Matchbox world
  •      Hot Wheels Rally
  •      Balloon madness
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