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Charge your electric car while shopping!

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Two GreenWay Polska chargers are already available in our car park

Two devices operating in the nationwide GreenWay network are available 24 hours a day in our car park. They enable charging vehicles with alternating current (AC) with a power of up to 22 kW. Charging power depends on the parameters of the car. They can be used by drivers of electric vehicles compliant with the AC Type-2 standard.

Use of the charger is possible after registering on the website Charging cars in the chargers of the GreenWay network is payable, and the price list and regulations for using the device are available on the website and in the operator's mobile application.

In the free car park of our shopping center, 1,412 parking spaces are waiting for motorists, including 31 for disabled people and 6 for families with children. add this event to your calendar

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