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Art competition for children is about to start!

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Favorite fun with a friend, a family trip of my dreams, or maybe a sports idol? Children know very well that sport is good for health, and the aforementioned topics will be perfect motifs for artistic works in a competition organized by our Shopping Center!

"RUCH TO ZDROWIE" - this is the slogan of this year's art competition for children from our region! Every little artist who is under 7 years old can take part in it.


You can paint with paints and crayons, prepare a tear of colored papers or compose a collage of various materials. It is important that the work is made using a flat art technique, has an A4 format and presents one of the three themes: "Fun with a friend", "My dream family trip" or "My sports idol". Requirements for works can be found in the competition regulations.

Till when can the work be delivered?

The competition jury is waiting for the entries until November 20th , 2020. They should be sent by post or handed over in person to the following address: SAGIER Mieszka I 48/50, 35-303 Rzeszów, with the annotation "Art competition". The work must be signed with the name and surname of the creator.

Important: the shipment must be accompanied by an application form available for download here.


Attractive prizes await the winners - tablets, board games and sets of cult bricks. In addition, the best works will be displayed in an enlarged format during the final of the competition, which will be part of the Christmas meeting on December 5th  in our Shopping Center.

It is worth inviting friends from kindergartens and schools to participate in the game, because the educational institution from which the most awarded works will come will receive a special award.

The results of the competition and the award ceremony will take place on December 5th , 2020 in our Shopping Center.

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